Giving Superhero a Whole New Meaning?

This bright, quirky fantasy, gives "superhero" a whole new meaning... The world Russ creates is so real, so believable, that you're left wanting more of this character driven, action packed book. - One of my first reviews of Crimson Son, a 5 star review from the Author Visits. Now that the Crimson Son Universe has … Continue reading Giving Superhero a Whole New Meaning?

Welcome your new gatekeepers…

I've been wrestling with several publishing related issues lately (What do I mean lately? It's become my life). Trying to get a feel for the market and how to reach the right audience with fiction which is professional, yet not written directly with "the market" in mind. It's a daunting task and flies in the … Continue reading Welcome your new gatekeepers…

A Skyline Forever Changed

An excerpt from Crimson Son, Chapter 4... How do you end a program of that magnitude? That was the billion-dollar question. They said the secret project which had spawned these weaponized super humans was over, but it really wasn’t. Some people thought of watching the Augments as a spectator sport, with property damage. Not until … Continue reading A Skyline Forever Changed

My Subversive Un-Release

One thing I've been consistent about but never really acknowledged is that my writing nearly always has a subversive quality. Ambitious zombies that unwittingly end their own apocalypse. Ancient nosferatu who find themselves buying body glitter so they can "fit in." Serial killers trumped by the very victims they stalk. Superheroes who aren't really heroes at all. Fantasy books which feature characters a touch closer to the realms of science fiction and themes of realism dirtying their idealistic landscapes.

Digging Deep

Once again I've fallen quiet on the social front but the clack of the keyboard remains a steady rhythm in my house. So loud, it almost drowns out the Bitminer operation. Almost. Turns out, if you want to do more than break even on a miner, you have to purchase an expensive little toaster cooled … Continue reading Digging Deep

Crimson Son Audiobook Nears Completion

SURPRISE! I might have mentioned this, not sure. The last two months have been a whirlwind hurricane. Pilgrim got released, the IoD bundle hit, then came All These Shiny Worlds. And currently I'm working on Forge of the Jadugar and Crimson Son 2 (double surprise!) along with another anthology invite. Phew. Oh, and that audiobook. I've been … Continue reading Crimson Son Audiobook Nears Completion

I Am Not Your Entertainment Committee

A time-honored classic. Like "Do you want me to turn this car around?" or "Wait until your father gets home!" One of those countless sayings you swore you'd never inflict on your own children, let alone your fans. Yep, this one's for you guys. All five of you in the cheap seats waiting to hear what … Continue reading I Am Not Your Entertainment Committee