So I have become the focal point of a worldwide conspiracy. The tentacles of this cabal stretch far and wide, encircling the planet in a shroud of horror Cthulhu would be envious of.

For three days now, I have not been able to write.

Writer’s block? Ha! I am a sledgehammer. Carpal tunnel? As if. Years of Diablo clicking, Quake fragging, and WoW raiding have built up an immunity to such nuisances. No, it is a conspiracy I like to call Real Life.

Real Life isn’t a bad thing, not at all. But it runs in constant conflict with Fictional Work. Real Life likes to pretend things are copacetic and even offer tantalizing compromises. Free hours here, wide swaths of open schedule there. All places where it generously invites Fictional Work in to throw a little party. This only serves to deflect the true agenda which is to overwhelm and consume any time for Fictional Work.

The second I sit down to start typing, something goes to hell and demands my attention.

But Spencer needs help. The son of a superhero overshadowed by his super Dad and haunted by the ghost of his mother. And Kara, poor Kara. She fell for a werewolf only to find out Twilight is a pack of lies. These things are monsters of the highest order and she is set to join them.

So, I have to keep fighting to find the time to keep those stories alive. This week, I’m on the losing side. Computer work, errands, a bit of web and graphic design, overwhelmed with things to read. Look, it’s mostly great stuff and I’m not complaining about the majority of it (though I’ll pass on all the self-inflicted and not so self-inflicted computer troubleshooting I’ve had to do this week…and Quickbooks can just kiss my…) However, I refuse to let Fictional Work take a back seat.

I abhor time travel as a plot device. Jon Haldeman is about the only one that can pull it off and not destroy the idea of a story along with it. However, I will use every Fictional power in my arsenal to defeat this conspiracy. I have to make time, steal time, warp space-time, and exploit all those singularities that show up every other episode of Star Trek: TNG.

All that’s perfectly doable. Cause Real Life can’t restrain the Fiction.

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