Tremble Before Me Oh Wicked Social Media!

I don’t have time for this. Really. I’ve got the powerless son of a superhero to bail out of the worst week of his life. I’ve got a Zombie named Robert, set upon by a starving Chihuahua,  who desperately needs to have his story shared with the world. And then there’s @Carlo5*. That poor bastard doesn’t know if he’s living in the real world or the techno dreamland running on the chip implanted in his brain.

So many people counting on me. Ailan, Bastion of Maylara left to stand alone against an ancient horror from another dimension. Jacob Pendergraff, obsessive compulsive personal assistant to the high and mighty. I could go on.

But, I’ve got to slay another type of beast. He of Many Faces – the Chittering Bluebird of Babel – the Electric Scroll of the Vainglorious.

Yeah, social media.

What? Wasn’t obvious? Sorry, I tend to do that. You know, make stuff up. It’s all good in the end though. As long as I can get these damn links to work. Get these tweets to twitter.



Oh, and enjoy my stories. Only a few out so far but definitely watch this space. If I can’t cajole, bribe or weasel my way into print, I’ll put ’em direct on this damn page. How’s that for self-pub?

And watch out Facebook. I can see by that straight, Roman nose of yours that you’ve never had a f%@#$ing axe-kick to the face. Gonna change that right about now.

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  1. Just liked myself…and replied to my own blog. The blindness sets in…

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