This is the End

At our weekly crit group after party, one of our genius writers (who keeps managing to stay ahead of his sworn nemesis and avoid assassination) mentioned that “The End” would be a great song to wrap up a movie.

I grew up with the Doors blasted on an LP Sunday mornings. CCR, Doobie Brothers, Eagles, Beatles, the Stones… We didn’t go to church much, but we did attend the Aural Cathedral of Blessed Rock.

My only comment was, “That’s got to be one f-ed up movie.”

As I near the end of my first novel though, I’m thinking that song in particular would be extremely fitting for when (I won’t say if, let’s be positive) my book hits the big screen.

It’s a complex story about families set in a backdrop of a grim superhero world. There are weird dreams, psychotic bad guys, and insane children.

“Father, yes son, I want to kill you
Mother, I want to WHAY YAY YAY YAY!”

It works. Too well, almost the entire song. Friends, death, family problems, psychological demons.

I think I just wrote a really f-ed up book…

What about you? Songs that work well with books you’ve written or read?

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  1. I think “this is the end” was at the end of apocalypse now! I’m a huge doors fan:-) Can you believe Ray passed?

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