Crimson Son – Can Snark and PTSD be a Super Power?

Crimson Son

A big shout out to Johnny Morrow for his incredible skill. So far, everyone is really digging the artwork. Well, almost everyone.

“Seriously, did you have to memorialize the most traumatic event of my life? Totally not a Kodak moment.”

Sorry, Spencer. I had to, you know, get the word out about the book.

“Sure. Fine. I guess you’ve plastered this all over the social media blogosphere. Not Reddit, I hope.”

No. I try to steer away from Reddit.

“Why? It isn’t like 4Chan or something.”

I’ve heard people have their lives slowly drained away while surfing there.

“Total urban legend. Look, if this sinks down into the Deep, anywhere near Deadman’s Chest, I’m going to sic Eric on you.”

Relax. Besides, isn’t it only a matter of time before that happens anyway?

“Woops – just did. Batten down your hatches bitches, storm comin’.”

C’mon, Spence, it doesn’t have to –


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About Crimson Son

Nineteen-year-old Spencer Harrington is the son of the Crimson Mask, the world’s most powerful superhero. Since witnessing his mother’s abduction two years ago, he’s been confined to his father’s arctic bunker. When the “Icehole” comes under attack by a rampaging robot, Spencer is forced to launch into his father’s dangerous world of weaponized human beings known as Augments.

With no powers of his own save a multi-tool, a quick wit and a boatload of emotional trauma, Spencer seeks to uncover his mother’s fate and confront his absentee father. As he stumbles through a web of conspiracies and top secret facilities, he rallies a team of everyday people and cast-off Augments. But Spencer soon discovers that the Black Beetle isn’t his only enemy, nor his worst.

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