Alter Ego

Jackie asked to dye her hair orange during the summer of seventh grade. Her father stared, mouth half-open, eyes seeing through her for what seemed like a long time. But he finally agreed with a silent nod…


An unwitting test subject sheds their skin to become their true self. Meet Aurora, superhuman, Augment, but no hero…

Codename: Danger – Full Story!

Fear soaked Reggie’s shirt. Well, humidity was mostly to blame, but the fear was there. He’d traveled the world on the government’s dime. Of the places he’d been, the humid ones were his least favorite. Remote ones, his second least. This place was both. But the fear was a regular hazard of the job…

Fat Man and Little Boy

Another one from my short story collection, Empty Quiver. The gritty superhero world of Crimson Son is dark here as I continue to critique our notions of heroism and examine the human shortcomings of those we bestow that name upon.

I often worry my work is misunderstood. That instead of asking people to critique the darker sides of society, they believe I’m celebrating it. Nuance seems to be a thing lost to humanity lately. As always, I’ll let you decide.

The ‘Cane Train

From my short story collection, Empty Quiver, based on my Crimson Son superhero universe. A word of warning – my comic book characters provide little escapism. They are dark products of war and conflict meant to offer a sobering look at ourselves and not a glimpse into a bright-eyed world of heroism. Reader (and listener) discretion is advised…

Wait!?! I have a blog?

A little embarrassing, but I just logged into ye olde website and saw my last post was in April with the release of Crimson Son 4: Legacy. As I type, I’m also noticing WordPress has seriously updated their interface. It’s… Read More ›

Only Three Days Left!

Not knowing a thing about crowdfunding, when I started this Kickstarter project, I had no clue what to expect. The outpouring of support has been nothing but inspirational and I want to again thank everyone that has contributed, shared, and… Read More ›