Book Marketing Fail?

Crimson Son by Russ Linton

Crimson Son by Russ Linton

Somewhere on the digital frontier…

3n1g|\/|4: We’re not gonna make it.

CR1ms0n8a11z: What? What do you mean?

3n1g|\/|4: This book release. We’re NOT going to make it?

CR1ms0n8a11z: Dude, are you kidding me?

3n1g|\/|4: Do I look like I’m kidding?

CR1ms0n8a11z: I totally can’t see you.

3n1g|\/|4: Hold on… Now: do I look like I’m kidding?

CR1ms0n8a11z: Jesus Eric, put a shirt on. You can’t just hack my Skype and go slinging your pasty moobs in my face.

3n1g|\/|4: Oh, yeah. One sec…okay, do I look like I’m kidding?

CR1ms0n8a11z: Umm, a little bit. I can’t take that shirt seriously. Who listens to Medic Droid anymore?

3n1g|\/|4: C’mon, Spencer.

CR1ms0n8a11z: Fine, what makes you say we aren’t going to make it? We’ve got like ten, twenty people on the edge of their seats waiting to download my little biography on Amazon. We can’t let them down.

3n1g|\/|4: I don’t know…thought it would be more dramatic that way.

CR1ms0n8a11z: Honestly, I don’t think “we’re not going to be able to publish” is a great marketing plan.

3n1g|\/|4: No, we only say that and then, at the last minute, we totally make it. Maybe we can put a timer on the website or something…

CR1ms0n8a11z: Sure. We’ll set it for ten seconds and it will take like three days to get to zero.

3n1g|\/|4: Now you’re talking. That would be freaking amazeballs!

CR1ms0n8a11z: You’ve been reading too many comic books. Just upload the damn file.

3n1g|\/|4: Fine. You’ve got no vision, Spence. Nada.


Author’s note: Yes, we’ll make it. Keep an eye out at Amazon and Smashwords!


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  1. This was totes m’goats amazeballs.

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