Christmas in July

Crimson Sons

Crimson Sons

Look what I got! A box full o’ kick ass!

No time to celebrate. I’m headed to a local institution, Recycled Books, to try and sweet talk them into putting me on their “local author” shelf. Next, it’s off to a couple comic book shops to do the same.

My original plan didn’t allow for this. I was going to focus solely on the eBook market, work the online marketing possibilities, keep posting to social media, online forums, ferreting out review sites – it was to be an entirely digital effort. The print version, I figured, would be out there for friends and family and vanity copies to sit on my “published” shelf.

However, then I saw it.

This looks like a real, honest-to-god, put-me-on-the-premium-shelf-space-and-sell-me-to-a-fanboy book.

And you know, sales aren’t half bad either. Kindle and eBook versions are quite a bit ahead in the race, but the paperback has drawn some attention despite my lack of focus.

I still say the digital revolution is upon us, but something about a physical object in your hand gives it substance. There’s more “buzz” generated than by a simple cover shot on a kindle. True, it costs more and this may not be a profitable venture, but even if it is solely for marketing purposes, I’m going to get these handsome Crimson Sons on a shelf.

Not too mention, this ups the signing opportunities. Some wonderfully supportive friends and family have let me deface their copies but I need more practice – any takers?


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  1. Of course you will be signing our copies including Aunt Pat’s!

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