Not Naked but Afraid – Crimson Son superhero novel HALF OFF!

Crimson Son, a superhero novel by Russ Linton

Crimson Son by Russ Linton

I’ve returned unscathed from my camping trip. Aside from a kid at the shotgun class who didn’t want to keep his gun pointed down range and a wilderness first aid instructor with a sense of humor dry enough to make sand people jealous, the trip wasn’t too exciting. With the spotty cell coverage I managed a few tweets (if you haven’t already, follow my madness here) but things never quite went in the Lord of the Flies direction I was expecting.

To celebrate, I’ve enrolled Crimson Son in the Smashwords summer promo. Until the end of July, you can get your ePub copy of Crimson Son for HALF OFF normal price.

I know, a week’s worth of hundred degree temps directly under the scorching Texas sun might have fried a few brain cells. Getting this handsome digital book for less than the price of a booster pack of Magic cards is INSANE but after my experience, I wanted to encourage people to lie on the couch and crank the AC down to near Icehole levels while they get in an amazing read. Sure, you can do this poolside too, but I’ll pass – I think I hit my UV threshold for the year already.

So, if you don’t have the book, head over to Smashwords and get a copy! Use coupon code SSW50 at checkout and take advantage of my heat-addled brain.

And please consider writing a short review. Amazon, B and N, Smashwords, wherever books are sold! The book bloggers have put Crimson Son on a five star streak for which I’m ever grateful, but while “critically acclaimed” has a nice ring to it, hearing what my fans say about Crimson Son means even more!

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