Get All Three Crimson Son eBooks for .99 Each!

Yep, each eBook in the main series is less than a dollar for a limited time. That's under three bucks for nearly 1400 pages of adventure! There's never been a better opportunity than now to launch into the Crimson Son Universe! Here's a link to the series page on Amazon Tomorrow, Under the Flickering Light … Continue reading Get All Three Crimson Son eBooks for .99 Each!

Crimson Son Audiobook Nears Completion

SURPRISE! I might have mentioned this, not sure. The last two months have been a whirlwind hurricane. Pilgrim got released, the IoD bundle hit, then came All These Shiny Worlds. And currently I'm working on Forge of the Jadugar and Crimson Son 2 (double surprise!) along with another anthology invite. Phew. Oh, and that audiobook. I've been … Continue reading Crimson Son Audiobook Nears Completion

Uncanny Sale – Crimson Son eBook for .99!

As all good mutations do, the Uncanny Blog Tour has morphed. Produced a new strain. Found its FINAL FORM. Now announcing the AMAZING. The ASTONISHING. The STUPENDOUS. The UNCANNY Sale. For a limited time, the Crimson Son eBook will be available for .99 cents. Yep. You heard right. Less than a buck. I can't cram … Continue reading Uncanny Sale – Crimson Son eBook for .99!

Crimson Son

How can a powerless kid confront his father's world of weaponized humans? Sample Chapter - Chapter One Available at:     Description: Nineteen-year-old Spencer Harrington is the son of the Crimson Mask, the world’s most powerful superhero. Since witnessing his mother’s abduction two years ago, he’s been confined to his father’s arctic bunker. When the “Icehole” comes … Continue reading Crimson Son

A Hidden Genre – The Superhero Novel

Crimson Son isn't the first superhero novel out there by far. While comic book publishers such as Marvel and DC have been writing companion novels for quite sometime, it could be argued that at least the raw idea of a "superhero novel" predates the comic book format itself. Sue Storm is merely a descendant of the Invisible … Continue reading A Hidden Genre – The Superhero Novel

Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire

I'm back from spending a week in the woods with a bunch of teenagers. I tweeted a bit about the experience and did my best to keep in touch between fading cell tower signals and an overloaded wi-fi signal near the not-so-aptly-named "dining" hall: I...don't...understand... #camping #bsa — Russ Linton (@Russ_Linton) July 9, 2014 Due … Continue reading Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire

Not Naked but Afraid – Crimson Son superhero novel HALF OFF!

I've returned unscathed from my camping trip. Aside from a kid at the shotgun class who didn't want to keep his gun pointed down range and a wilderness first aid instructor with a sense of humor dry enough to make sand people jealous, the trip wasn't too exciting. With the spotty cell coverage I managed … Continue reading Not Naked but Afraid – Crimson Son superhero novel HALF OFF!