Free Event Saturday with Prizes and More!


An Awesome Game Shop in COPPELL, Texas…

Come and see me write my name on things! Prepare to be underwhelmed! I mean, I wouldn’t come to see myself but I hear my wife may be there in a Wonder Woman costume so I’m like “AWWWW YEAH! LASSO OF TRUTH ME!” But not in public. There’s no telling what I might say…

Seriously, this will be a fun event hosted by Roll2Play who has graciously forgiven me for repeatedly telling people they are located in Carrollton. They are in Coppell. And here is a link to a shiny Google map of their location at 150 South Denton Tap Road in COPPELL.

dc_game_boxNot only will Crimson Son be available as a prize, I’ll have a bunch of copies on hand to sell and sign. Sure, if you think you have the BEST cosplay costume in DFW, you might just win a copy, or if you believe you have the strategic skills of, say, Batman, you could get a copy in the DC Deckbuilder Tournament. Of course, you could still buy a copy, you know, as insurance. They make great conversation pieces (conversations which should always include a link to my website

After attending Tex’s amazingly successful signing, I’m looking forward to one of my own and only hope a bit of her talent for working the crowd rubbed off on me.

In other Marketing Monday news – Crimson Son is now available on Google Play!  If android devices are your thing, or you just love Google and like to purchase your fiction there – look it up and leave a review if you feel inclined.

Hope to see as many of you as I can on Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Roll2Play.

Cosplay Contest runs from 5 to 6
DC Deckbuilding Game Tournament from 6 to 9
Also, Saturday, Roll2Play hosts open gaming so even if the events aren’t quite your thing,  just come to geek out with friends!

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