An Eye on the Gates of Mordor, Texas

Lots of great news today for fans of Crimson Son and for the forces arrayed against Sauron's bid to take over Texas schools. The tides have begun to turn. We have risen up with great cries of YOU SHALL NOT....wait a minute. Okay, so we need a different battle cry, but whatever it is, we're … Continue reading An Eye on the Gates of Mordor, Texas

Books Defaced, Gaming Accomplished

Despite a few hiccups, we had a great turn out for the signing event. The cosplay contest sorta never went down though, which makes a bit sad. When we were planning the event, we didn't realize until much too late that we were conflicting with Dallas Comic Con Fan Days, which I'm sure drew a … Continue reading Books Defaced, Gaming Accomplished

Cosplay Contest PSA

In honor of my signing event tomorrow, I'd like to take the time to provide a PSA. I've been to many cons over the years and cosplay has evolved from the occasional Starfleet uniform to the body-painted, poly-foamed, uber-competitive, beautiful thing it has become today. And while there is no wrong way to cosplay, there … Continue reading Cosplay Contest PSA

Free Event Saturday with Prizes and More!

Come and see me write my name on things! Prepare to be underwhelmed! I mean, I wouldn't come to see myself but I hear my wife may be there in a Wonder Woman costume so I'm like "AWWWW YEAH! LASSO OF TRUTH ME!" But not in public. There's no telling what I might say... Seriously, … Continue reading Free Event Saturday with Prizes and More!