The ‘Cane Train and Other Stories

Crimson Son by Russ Linton

Crimson Son by Russ Linton

Ooops. Behind on my posting this week. I’m trying to put the finishing touches on my collection of short stories set in the Crimson Son universe. So far, everything is on schedule for June. It will be a digital only release with a possibility for paper in the future.

The collection is an interesting mix of new and old characters. Want to hear more about Hurricane? Of course you do. Everybody loves Hurricane. I’ve got you covered. What about his grumpy guardian, Hound? He makes an appearance as well along with a cast of new Augments and the people in their lives.

Like Crimson Son, the stories in the collection deal with the serious themes and implications of having superheroes roaming the world.

My biggest concern is that unlike Crimson Son, there is no Spencer. Without Spencer’s voice, this universe is a pretty serious place. He was a divisive character – you either love or hate him if the reviews are to be believed – but his smart ass comments gave a certain tone to the overall world. Hopefully people will still find it an interesting place to visit without him.

As weaponized humans and fairly obvious stand-ins for nuclear weapons, Augments were a comment on broader issues. For Spencer, the challenge was living in his father’s shadow and trying to figure out the best way to define family. He cobbled together one of his own – a father figure, a big sister, and a brother while he tried to come to grips with his real family situation. I haven’t yet decided if his story is over, but I needed to go back to this universe at least one more time.

Keep an eye out for the release in June. It may be done with little fanfare. If you definitely want to know, make sure you’re on the New Release Mailing List. This year is going to be a busy one. As soon as I wrap the short story collection, I’m diving back into my fantasy project slated for December.

Looking forward to entertaining you guys this year!

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  1. Glad to see you’ve got a supporting book coming out for your Crimson Son. Way to go!

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