This story of mine was published earlier this year with The Junction, a Medium publication. It ended up getting very little exposure and was one of my last times to publish on that platform. Medium was an interesting experiment in the democratizing of publishing, for a while. Then, it seemed to become like every other algorithm-driven story platform where controversy, prolific posting, and glomming onto trends became the only means to achieve visibility. I'm terrible at all that. And as this story shows, following trends of any kind might not always be the best policy...


This was one of my earliest publications with another disappeared venue, Writer’s Haven. I haven't saved the best for last, more an indicator of how far I've come on this journey. This was a story inspired by a comment from my wife's grandfather. Brief, slightly mysterious, it goes for a slow revelation I have yet to master. And if you squint real close, you'll see Hurricane and Hound...

The Precarious Perch of Lookout County

This story first appeared on the Wily Writers' Podcast. It was an early story to see publication and had the added bonus of being read by a voice actor for the podcast! The theme, Weird Western, wasn't a genre I'd ever read much of, but my fantasy/wild west mash up apparently met the editor's expectations. Happy to share it here again on my site!

Move over Nostradamus here comes Nostradaruss

Damn that was bad. Anyway, I was recently asked to write a short story for a science fiction anthology. It had some pretty particular guidelines which focused on near future, near earth events. As part of the project, I started with a timeline - of things which have yet to happen. So I simply gazed into … Continue reading Move over Nostradamus here comes Nostradaruss

Adventurous Readers Wanted

Okay...okay...I've finally come up for some air. And HOLEEE CRAP is this place a mess. Dust. Enough post-its to encircle the earth, and a whiteboard that looks like somebody tossed a loaded scrabble board at a spider's web. Of course I'm only up for a moment (yes, I'm aware they have pills for that) and then … Continue reading Adventurous Readers Wanted

The ‘Cane Train and Other Stories

Ooops. Behind on my posting this week. I'm trying to put the finishing touches on my collection of short stories set in the Crimson Son universe. So far, everything is on schedule for June. It will be a digital only release with a possibility for paper in the future. The collection is an interesting mix of … Continue reading The ‘Cane Train and Other Stories