Cover Reveal! Wake of Alshasra’a


Okay, as you may know, I’m impatient. The final image hit my inbox just a few hours ago and I’m still toying with the typesetting. Luckily, Jeff rarely leaves much for me to do to make these covers kick ass.

I’m so happy with the unique identity Jeff has helped bring to this world trapped inside my head. I can only hope the words inside can describe to the reader the same level of magnificence which his art brings.

For the careful reader, you’ll notice this world has no single name. The breadth of it is referred to as “creation”. The humans call whatever they see simply “the Attarah’s Realm.” It’s a place unfinished within that creation. A place between epochs which humanity has carved out of time and set aside to run on their own mortal clock.

And in this final book, a bugman and a courtesan are the only ones standing in the way of that clock being unwound.

I’m still looking at January maybe February 2017 for publication. Hopefully this will tide you over until then (terrible and obscure pun unintended…)

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