Win a copy of Pilgrim of the Storm!


Hello, fantasy lovers!  I wanted to let you know that I’ve got a giveaway running at Goodreads for a free copy of Pilgrim of the Storm.

I know, I know – who needs free books? There are so many clogging your Kindle, your bookshelves, you don’t know what to do with them.

I’m not really offering that. I’m inviting you on a journey. 

Pilgrim is a quiet start to a three book epic saga which spans a known world and the reaches beyond. It explores humanity, religion, antediluvian landscapes, and combines all this in a fantasy world inspired by the ancient cultures of the Indus River Valley.

At its heart, this is an adventure of self discovery for a lone Ek’kiru or, as the humans call him, “bugman”, and his quest for acceptance and enlightenment. This pious orphan must navigate a hollow and uncaring world lost somewhere between what is and what will be. Can Sidge find his place among his adopted people and spur change? Or have the fates already spoken…

So what are you waiting for? Enter for a chance to win and embark on the pilgrimage with Sidge!

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