The thrilling conclusion of the Stormblade Saga available tomorrow!


As a writer this has been a pilgrimage of sorts for myself. Setting goals, maintaining a pace, and meeting deadlines is tough when you’re the only one holding yourself accountable. It’s even tougher when you embark on new projects, larger in scope than any you’ve attempted before.

The Stormblade Saga represents 226,365 painstaking words. There are nearly an equal amount of words strewn out and left behind along the pathways that led here. I’ve agonized over this particular story more than any other. It has come to symbolize a metamorphosis not only for Sidge, but for the world he lives in, and for myself as a writer.

When I first brainstormed ideas about this world with a close group of writing partners, I never intended it to unfold into such an epic tale. I wanted to write one book about a “bugman” lost in a world to which he didn’t belong but desperately sought the approval of. As I wrote, more details emerged, the world grew, and I realized it wouldn’t only take an individual metamorphosis to correct this problem, but a societal one. The entire Realm had to change.

Could be that this is a metaphor for something else. Our own troubled times where people are at each other’s throats over often superficial concerns. Where there’s an urge to cling to the past, even though rewinding the clock isn’t possible. Where we desperately seek enemies to direct our rage onto, ignoring common cause for the easy outlet of anger and the comfort of uncompromising tribalism.

But really, this is still a tale about a lost soul trying to find his way. Anybody who has ever felt awkward or out of place or is just plain different, will understand. Then again, we’re all unique, some of us just hide it better than others. And some have no choice.

It’s a common theme I play with in all my work. Individuality, freedom, and escape from the norms. It creates odd stories to be sure – insectoid protagonists lacking in confidence or powerless people fighting in the shadows of superheroes, but it’s all part of my promise: fantastic worlds, unique perspectives.

Of course these worlds would be empty without you, the readers. I’ve really enjoyed sharing the Stormblade Saga and the Crimson Son Universe with you, and getting your feedback. In fact, a member of my Advance Reader Team even suggested a glossary which I’ve included in the back of each book in this saga. For anyone who already has their copy of the book, here’s a PDF of the Official Glossary.

Thanks again for reading!





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