Wake of Alshasra’a has launched!


Now available at Amazon and all other major retailers!

We’re up and running with the Wake of Alshasra’a launch and I wanted to share some of the wonderful reviews that have shown up on the web or landed in my inbox (please, feel free to share these far and wide!)

This author has sketched out a world and a belief system…that effortlessly draws the reader into the pilgrimage and does not provide any exits!

A very different kind of fantasy – the imagination and creativity of Mr. Linton is fun to read.

It’s that good I’m finding it hard to articulate! I can see exactly why your editor was enamoured, no chance of becoming bored during a reread, at all, ever.

Sales have been good out of the gate thanks to loyal readers and I’d love an extra push if you could please pass the word to any fantasy-loving friends. I really appreciate any and all feedback and look forward to hearing reactions from more readers now that the full saga is complete.


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