Bumps and Bruises? All Part of the Journey…

Every day on the road with Discovery we learn something new. For instance, did you know the side mirror is exactly six feet off the ground?

I’m six foot two…

I’ve been bludgeoned by this reality multiple times now. Each stop requires a walk around check and my eyes are always lower to the ground. Tires, trailer hitches, tow straps, luggage compartments, they all need to be secured.

Five miles in, we discovered the straps on our tow dolly needed tightening. A hundred in and they need a quick yank. Unlocked luggage compartments have a higher chance of being rattled open on bumpy interstates-many of which seem to stretch through Oklahoma.

Funny how one of the flattest places on Earth has so much trouble keeping their roads that way.

Inside, we have a faulty line somewhere along one of the GFCI outlets. Two of the outlets we think are tied into the circuit work intermittently. I discovered this when our built-in vacuum wouldn’t work. (Note: we found a third GFCI and tripped the reset so everything works now….)

Why did I need the vacuum? A suspicious dusting of foam particles on our comforter led me to suspect I might, just might, have clipped the ceiling air ducts while mounting our communications array.

Today we stopped for fuel at a real truck stop. Up until now we’d hopped from convenience store to convenience store. The ninety or one hundred dollar pump limit is more like an appetizer for Discovery.

To keep those dilthium crystals fed, we got a member card at Pilot/Flying J. Catering to long haul truckers, we can pull up to the semi truck pumps and gorge. Take a sip. Or a hit…?

I stood staring at the screen for a while before I knocked on the window to get Maaike’s attention.

“Want some reefer?”

Colorado, I’d heard about. But who knew Kansas was so progressive? While I waited for an attendant with a bong, Maaike consulted the great oracle at Google.

“That’s for refrigerator trucks.”

Must be a stressful job, refrigerator truck driving. Disappointed, I went for the “tractor” selection. And skipped the DEF. Definitely no DEF.

But even with the learning curve, I’m convinced this is the right move for us. If we had everything in order back home, I’d be tempted to cut a check to the landlord and keep driving.

Why? You wear flat spots in tires which are never moved. Bumps on the road are an expected exercise. Smooth asphalt, a welcome blessing when you find it. Both are a part of life and if you don’t have them, maybe you aren’t living after all.


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  1. You think the roads are bad in Oklahoma try coming to Pennsylvania.


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