Spencer Needs Your Help!

The short of it: I need you, my fans, to visit my Kickstarter Project and help make the next Crimson Son book a reality. Fame, recognition, my undying gratitude and, of course, be the first to own a copy of Crimson Son 4: Legacy!

The long story…

Nearly five years ago Spencer launched into the world. My debut novel and the first book I’d ever written (my fourth grade fiction project, Demons of Avilon not included), I quickly learned with Crimson Son that writing said book was only a small part of a much larger battle.

Empty Quiver arrived one year later to provide the untold story of the Project Peacemaker program which spawned the superhuman weapons in Spencer’s world. Then came Motherland, Ashes, and a wild idea to take a glimpse into the future of this alternate history in Under the Flickering Light.

Now, six books and 500,000 words later, the series is coming to an end.

In those five years since Crimson Son debuted, the series has unleashed over ten thousand copies into the wild. As a self published title, that’s an unmitigated success.

As a marketing triumph? Not so much.

Since this was my first series, production costs were a steep learning curve. Then came marketing, a necessary evil which has only grown in expense as the self publishing market matures.

With eight books under my belt and Crimson Son: Legacy nearing completion, I’ve developed a better feel for all the things which make the book industry work. I know the costs to get a book on the virtual shelves. I know the expense necessary to be seen in the growing flood of new releases. I know all sorts of math and arcane nonsense about my flagship series: CTR, CPC, ROI, RTR…

From all this data, I know Crimson Son: Legacy will likely not be profitable in the immediate future. Maybe not even in the long term.

And released so long ago, Crimson Son itself is losing steam in a highly competitive and ever more expensive marketplace.

So this fourth and final book (sixth if you count the side adventures in the CSU), the one to wrap a series, to end a legacy, will be written for the existing fans.

It needs to happen because Ashes was never intended to be a stopping point. But in order to keep myself in this fast paced game of self publishing, it’s time for me to take everything I’ve learned from markets and fellow creatives and especially my fans, and move on.

With that, I’m going to try something new and crowdfund part of my production costs for this final book.

Crimson Son original promotional poster
Crimson Son original promotional poster

Johnny Morrow has been my go to guy for the look of Crimson Son ever since I asked him for a promotional poster which ultimately became the new cover and look for the entire series. His work has the perfect balance of realism and comic book goodness the series tries to capture.

What I need then is another fantastic cover from a guy whose work does not, for good reason, come cheap. I wouldn’t even consider printing the book without his talented handiwork gracing the cover. So, I’m asking for your help.

Help me send Spencer, Eric, Hound, and their eclectic and dangerous cast of characters off in style. Help, and be part of a legacy.

And don’t worry. There’s more great fiction on the way…

Contribute now and be the first to own a copy – eBook and paperback rewards are available along with a mention in the book, Crimson Son 4: Legacy!


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