Why I Pulled a Janeway…

Okay so maybe we didn’t get lost in the outer reaches of interstellar space. But I have dropped completely off the blog radar in the last month, and the adventures of our intrepid Captain have been put on a serious hiatus.

I have good reasons though.

In January, I released a book, Under the Flickering Light (which is currently on sale over at Amazon for .99!) I’ve also landed my first review which, I must brag, is a 5-star review and uses the word “different”.

This is not an uncommon way to refer to my fiction…

I am also 60k words into Crimson Son 4. (For all you non-word-counters, that’s 2/3 finished.) I hope to release it near the end of March, sometime after I figure out a title.

Then I hope to keep up the same blistering pace.

Most years, I publish two books. This year? I really want to drop five.

FIVE books. This is insanity, truly, sheer madness. But I will do it.

However, all those words devoted to books have cut into my other projects. And so the Captain’s Log updates might become pretty rare.

I don’t think they’ll go away completely. We’ll get subspace transmissions from him every so often. Well, when Federation shutdowns allow for it…

Because the other reason I’ve slipped on my Captain’s Logs is they were always a weekend writing exercise. A little key mashing to keep my fingers warm during weekend breaks from the novels. However, when the government shut down, my life got rearranged.

I may no longer work for the Federales, but I am still sometimes dependent on their services. As an official terrestrial nomad, I have to reserve spots for the real diesel powered Discovery on a weekly and monthly basis.

So, when the government emails to say they’ve canceled our two-week reservation due to a necessary clean up after the shutdown, well, my whole life gets out of whack.

Not only have I been hammering out words for my novels, I’ve been packing up and moving every weekend as we bounce from spot to spot to fill the gaps in our schedule.

While I was not blogging, we’ve visited three states, got to hang out with family, and, I hope you didn’t miss it, but I ran a .99 cent sale on all my Crimson Son Universe ebooks as well (don’t worry, there will be more! Studying marketing has been my other giant time absorber!) With that and 60k words written in a month, things have been, well, busy.

Thanks again for reading. Hopefully, the Captain will return very shortly. No guarantees but I can say despite the interruptions, I will be writing more this year than ever before!


(There are some fun posters over at Trek Inspirational Posters by Gary where I grabbed the header image. Check it out 🙂


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  1. While I really love the Captain’s Log updates, I am totally in support of your producing more books! This is an astonishing pace — to me, at least — and I wish you the best with it! 🙂

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