The Not-So-Thrilling Thriller Update

No, not that thriller…

With all that’s going on, my thriller novel has taken a backseat. Work continues, but I’m only halfway through my revisions. I’d hoped to be drafting book two by now.

Originally, the plan had been to be done with book one by the end of August. Then September. Now, in the middle of October, I’m looking at a month that will be consumed by a last minute scramble to move.

It’s a mere 3000 miles. what could go wrong?

Buying our new property has consumed much of our spare time. I’ve bought and sold a couple houses over the years, but this one is…tricky. We’ve complicated things, the bank has complicated things, the economy has complicated things, but it’s all going to work out.

I’ve also been fielding steady requests for editing and writing. Like, my Fictional Work is becoming not-so-fictional. Those requests I’ve had to balance with my book writing schedule (and all the real estate insanity).

None of this should effect my very vague release date of early 2023 for the Book Yet To Be Named. (I’ve got a name picked out. Just holding on to it until the official pre-release page is up. Nothing like some other publisher scooping your title…)

However, the way Amazon works anymore (and selling self-published is ALL about Amazon), if you want to have any chance over the millions of other titles being released, you’ve got to release more than one book at a time. Playing the game is all about appeasing their algorithms.

I’m not a fan of that, but I really want this series to succeed. So, the delays on this first book mean a delayed start to the other two I want to begin the series with. That might push the final release date further out.

On a more productive note, I’ve engaged a cover artist. That should happen sometime in November. I’ll share the artwork as soon as possible.

Things are coming together. Slower than I’d like. But they’re going to work out.

I’m excited to share the series with you guys. If you want to stay posted, you can subscribe to my mailing list or signup for blog alerts through WordPress, both links available in the side menu.

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