A Thanksgiving Tragedy

Told in pictures…

Our guest arrived early, just outside the living room window. Being cordial new neighbors, we invited him inside…

Ok, so we didn’t actually eat that one. Maybe just a distant relative. (The one in the oven is store bought).

They strutted by in a flock of about 18 fully aware they own the place – two days after the official turkey hunting season ended. They have us humans pretty well figured out. Especially our neighbor.

Turns out, our neighbor feeds the turkeys. If his feeder is low, they waltz right up to his porch and gobble. But maybe…one of these days…

Anyway, our turkey, the one we bought at the store, was delicious. Since we’re no longer in an RV kitchen, my wife felt the need to go all out and I am incredibly thankful for it.

Holidays have always been a travelling affair for us. Rarely did we even bother putting up decorations for Thanksgiving or Christmas because we were often at our parent’s home a state or so away. Sitting down at our own table with our son and enjoying a turkey with all the trimmings was the perfect way to bless the new home.

It’s an old house with a short list of owners considering the age. We hope to keep our name on the deed as long as we can. Keep those traditions observed by so many before us. Warm hearth, good food, a place to shelter and reflect.

What it isn’t exactly conducive to is writing. The idea that writers often find anything else to do but write isn’t without some truth. Everywhere I turn there’s a project. She’s got “good bones”, but needs plenty of TLC.

I haven’t let it stop me however. The studio has moved on to their next phase and hasn’t asked for any rewrites so I’ve been finally able to plug away at the thriller. I need to stop giving out dates until I’m certain, but the final draft for the first book is a week (or so) away.

There are also covers.

Yep, covers with an “s”. Two so far with the third due back from the artist by December. Again, I’ve given up on concrete dates but those will be on full display “shortly.”

In the meantime, I remain humbled and thankful by all the amazing gifts so far this year. For my amazing wife, my adventurous son (he drove the thousands of miles right behind the U-Haul to share in the magic of this place, and for these wild happenings with a career I seriously considered abandoning only a year ago.

Yep. It was that close. A story for another time.

For now, the turkeys are well fed, as we are. I’ll be in touch again soon about author happenings. In the meantime, enjoy time spent with your loved ones.

Wishing you all the best this fine holiday weekend!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds you had a wonderful one. 🙂 Yay! I’m enjoying reading about your very good news these days. All my best to Maaike too.

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