New Year’s Demotivational Sale

Okay people, time for resolutions and hard work. Time to promise our partly buzzed New Year's selves that we'll live better. Longer. Healthier. And somewhere along the way develop six-pack abs. Let's get real. None of us will do those things. Our treadmills will continue to serve as a convenient place to stub toes during midnight snack … Continue reading New Year’s Demotivational Sale

A Hidden Genre – The Superhero Novel

Crimson Son isn't the first superhero novel out there by far. While comic book publishers such as Marvel and DC have been writing companion novels for quite sometime, it could be argued that at least the raw idea of a "superhero novel" predates the comic book format itself. Sue Storm is merely a descendant of the Invisible … Continue reading A Hidden Genre – The Superhero Novel

Crimson Son Enters Final Revisions

We're finally here, at the threshold. Crimson Son has entered final revisions and is on track for the June release. My editor, Heather, bloodied things up a bit but not too badly. She rounded the manuscript out with some insightful comments which harkened back to reviews from my beta readers and had me freaking out a … Continue reading Crimson Son Enters Final Revisions