Crimson Son Enters Final Revisions

We’re finally here, at the threshold. Crimson Son has entered final revisions and is on track for the June release. My editor, Heather, bloodied things up a bit but not too badly. She rounded the manuscript out with some insightful comments which harkened back to reviews from my beta readers and had me freaking out a bit. I thought I’d fixed those issues but apparently, a couple were still lurking.

If I have a kryptonite (besides the whole its / it’s thing, sheesh, going to defuse that issue right…about…now…) it is that my desire to be mysterious and clever at times translates into “where the f$%& did that come from?” for the reader. It ‘s a delicate balance between making the reader feel they are participating in the discoveries and not leaving them in the dark. I’ve shored that issue up however and it all comes together in the end in a nice little creepy family reunion.

And I have a bit of a tease as well. It involves showcasing Crimson Son in the medium the novel pays homage to. A few scenes from the novel recreated in good ol’ fashion pen and ink by an incredibly talented artist are in the works.

I can’t wait! Stay tuned, true believers!

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