New Year’s Demotivational Sale

You could do this...or just pick up a book.

You could do this…or just pick up a book.

Okay people, time for resolutions and hard work. Time to promise our partly buzzed New Year’s selves that we’ll live better. Longer. Healthier. And somewhere along the way develop six-pack abs.

Let’s get real.

None of us will do those things. Our treadmills will continue to serve as a convenient place to stub toes during midnight snack runs and we’ll keep eating our All-American diet of sugar, high-sugar sugar, and enough fats and oils to fuel a rocket to the moon.

Or maybe we will.

Either way, whether you’re sitting on your ass building up some extra weight to promise to lose for next year’s resolution, or you’re grinding away on the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike – you’ll need something to read.

So, to fulfill my own resolution of selling the bejeezus out of my book, the Crimson Son e-Book is going ON SALE NOW from January 6th to the 11th!

Only 99 cents for killer robots, snark, emotional tear-jerker things, and geriatric superheroes all wrapped up in a story that lets you know there’s nothing wrong with not having those six-pack abs.

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