Writing Update – 2021 The Year of Short Stories

Picking through the rubble of 2020 has led many to reflect on their current situation, self included. For some, it meant leaving their job. Starting a new career. Exercising more mindfulness. A little quiet contemplation in a (hopefully) more serene environment...

Don’t Read Neil Gaiman

Lots of people have read, seen, or heard about the article posted earlier this week on xojane by K.T. Bradford. Her challenge to "Stop Reading Straight White Male Cis" has been discussed ad nauseum in and out of writer's circles. But I just wasn't digging K.T.'s label for me. It got me thinking: what should I be? … Continue reading Don’t Read Neil Gaiman

Russ Vlogs: Kindle Life Hacks

Well, I kept threatening to do this and here it is. A vlog post. Thanks also to everyone that stopped by to check out my response to the elementary school battling the servants of Sauron. So far, no word from the school and I've been keeping an eye on the news to hear about the … Continue reading Russ Vlogs: Kindle Life Hacks

DFW Con Review and a Wake Up Call

I had a wonderful time at DFWCon this year. I encourage every writer to attend this conference whether you are local to Dallas Fort Worth or not. Classes, networking and pitch sessions with agents all combined in possibly the most friendly and supportive atmosphere you can imagine. This year, industry giants Donald Maass and Jonathan Maberry … Continue reading DFW Con Review and a Wake Up Call

eBook Math and the 500 Pound Gorilla

I've uncovered a whole host of eBook distribution services - Lulu, Vook, BookTango, Pressbooks, and Ebookit. I'd advise checking out all of them if you have an interest in eBook distributors. I'm going to stick with last week's choices, Smashwords and BookBaby because they're my top two. I've also been poking around data that includes … Continue reading eBook Math and the 500 Pound Gorilla

Slush Floater

A question popped up on my twitter feed from @KimmieAnnWrites asking for opinions on traditional and self publishing. As a new writer, I'm still forming my opinion but my biggest concern is the time to market for traditional publishing and I wanted to explore that a bit with my post today. I've got one short … Continue reading Slush Floater


Back from a weekend of sci-fi / fantasy literature panels at ConDFW. It seemed a little smaller this year though that may have been due to the new venue. There was gaming, costumes, and a fairly solid line-up of panels that focused on topics ranging from story pacing to creating new cultures. My head expanded … Continue reading ConDFW XII