Russ Vlogs: Kindle Life Hacks

Well, I kept threatening to do this and here it is. A vlog post.

Thanks also to everyone that stopped by to check out my response to the elementary school battling the servants of Sauron. So far, no word from the school and I’ve been keeping an eye on the news to hear about the prayer circle or bomb squad response called in to deal with the Ring of Power which I sent them. We’ll see.

Enjoy the Vlog. The quality isn’t that exceptional (my son, the kid that made this, is in school), but hopefully it gets the point across.

I grew up with paper books and was skeptical of eBooks to start. But the more I both use my Kindle and publish things to it, the less of a future I see for the old pulp and ship method.

Yeah, all the pre-press stuff for creating a book remains mostly unchanged. But when you can click a button and make your book available to millions of people who in turn can simply click a button to read that book, there is no turning back. Compared to the deforestation, pulping, shipping paper, printing, shipping the final product and quite possibly shipping that again (’cause people order more paper books online than they buy from a brick and mortar at this point) – ONE MOUSE CLICK RULES THEM ALL.

It just does.

End of story.

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  1. You’re hilarious. 🙂 But congrats on launching the vlog! You’re inspiring me to actually edit mine and Sarah’s so we can launch ours, too. My family’s deciding to move houses has sort of put a lot of things like this on hold for me, but soon…

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