Bundle of Badassery

Hang on, breaking out the ShamWow voice... "Savvy" readers check for a book's publisher and if they don't see a big house, they turn up their nose. Indie books are the new vanity press. If those authors could write, they'd have an agent and a New York address. Everyone and their dog is a writer now, but … Continue reading Bundle of Badassery

Killer Fiction from the Indieverse – IoD Story Bundle

Last Friday I spammed out a quick announcement about a really exciting promotion. One I've been itching to tell you guys about for a while now. Like a crawled-through-a-pile-of-insulation sorta itch. Today I'd like to give you more details to whet your appetite. I know I've mentioned Jefferson Smith's killer website, Immerse or Die before. "Killer" … Continue reading Killer Fiction from the Indieverse – IoD Story Bundle

Don’t Read Neil Gaiman

Lots of people have read, seen, or heard about the article posted earlier this week on xojane by K.T. Bradford. Her challenge to "Stop Reading Straight White Male Cis" has been discussed ad nauseum in and out of writer's circles. But I just wasn't digging K.T.'s label for me. It got me thinking: what should I be? … Continue reading Don’t Read Neil Gaiman

Dealing with Rejection through Physical Violence

How many writers can say they got the chance to enter a cage match with an editor? An editor that has rejected one of your precious stories in the past? An open invitation to kick and pummel them mercilessly before a crowd of other writers chanting for blood? I did exactly that. On Valentine's Day. Well, maybe … Continue reading Dealing with Rejection through Physical Violence

Russ Vlogs: Kindle Life Hacks

Well, I kept threatening to do this and here it is. A vlog post. Thanks also to everyone that stopped by to check out my response to the elementary school battling the servants of Sauron. So far, no word from the school and I've been keeping an eye on the news to hear about the … Continue reading Russ Vlogs: Kindle Life Hacks

An Eye on the Gates of Mordor, Texas

Lots of great news today for fans of Crimson Son and for the forces arrayed against Sauron's bid to take over Texas schools. The tides have begun to turn. We have risen up with great cries of YOU SHALL NOT....wait a minute. Okay, so we need a different battle cry, but whatever it is, we're … Continue reading An Eye on the Gates of Mordor, Texas

From One White Dude to a Bunch of Other White Dudes

I listened to Kay's River of Stars as an audiobook on my trip to World Fantasy in Washington D.C. With a 20 plus hour drive ahead of me, I needed a super-sized serving of literature to fill the time. 656 pages and a Chinese dynasty fit the bill. Audio isn't necessarily the best way to … Continue reading From One White Dude to a Bunch of Other White Dudes

Read any Good Books Lately?

I'm reading too many things right now. How is that even possible? Well, since I took on the task of transforming myself into a real writer (look Geppetto, no strings!) earlier this year, my reading list has exploded. We're talking from a kid with the sniffles in some backwater place to global pandemic levels. I've … Continue reading Read any Good Books Lately?