An Eye on the Gates of Mordor, Texas


I wasn’t kidding…

Lots of great news today for fans of Crimson Son and for the forces arrayed against Sauron’s bid to take over Texas schools. The tides have begun to turn. We have risen up with great cries of YOU SHALL NOT….wait a minute. Okay, so we need a different battle cry, but whatever it is, we’re shouting it loud and clear.

I’m humbled by the traffic given to my call to action buried in a whole heap of scathing sarcasm. So far, the article has been shared with thousands of people through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. But that’s not the exciting part.

Somebody else relinquished their precious.

On further reflection, I’m not sure exactly how many we have left. Three were rumored to have been destroyed by dragon fire. We all watched Gollum ride the One Ring into a fiery oblivion at our local theaters. Minus mine, the little terrorist’s and our anonymous benefactor, that makes sixteen? You know, forget the Tolkien math – LET’S SEND AS MANY AS WE CAN!

Other ways you can help? How about attending a sci-fi convention deep in the bowels of Mordor, err, Texas? That ought to be a thumb in the eye of the war on imagination. Or just shameless promotion on my part. You make the call.

Yep, I got my schedule for ConDFW! Take a look at the sidebar for details. I’m going to be on four panels and moderating a fifth over the Valentine weekend (ummm, sorry babe…) One of these, the Comic Book Quiz Show, might be changing but the rest look pretty solid.

On Saturday, I’ll be on the Literary Ultimate Fighting Championship panel along with several other literary martial artists. (If you’ve read the bio, you’ll see I’ve got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.) An eclectic mix of other disciplines will be represented from Bartitsu, a Victorian east / west fusion, to Tae Chi. Immediately afterward, I’ll wipe off the sweat and head to the gaming room to moderate The Fate of Table Top Gaming about the upsurge in interest for board games. To cap the day off, myself and the incomparable Tex Thompson will share a stage for our readings – I can’t imagine this will be anything less than awesome.

Sunday, I’ve got two panels flanking my signing in the dealer’s room. First up is E-Zines versus Magazines. Frankly, I’m becoming a die-hard eBook convert so this ought to be interesting. After the signing (bring your copies of Crimson Son or buy one on site!) I’ll once again be in a room with Tex and other notable authors to discuss Do’s and Don’ts of Character Naming.

But enough about me, this Con is going to be amazing. They’ve got everything lined up from cosplay to  live demos of Artemis. Its a geek-literary reactor at critical mass and I hope to see all of you there! In the meantime, keep dishing out the geekery, oh, and keep an eye on those Gates of Mordor somewhere in West Texas.

One more thing about long-sealed gates: SFWA recently announced they’ll include ways for self-published authors to earn membership in their organization. They don’t have the exact details posted yet, but from the preliminary data, Crimson Son has a great start on meeting that goal. If you loved the book, please let others know! I’d sort of given up on the trad pub scene and the formal organizations – being Han Solo is just fine by me. On the other hand, there’s nothing I like more than achieving goals through unconventional means and while SFWA has had a rocky road as of late, they do represent a ton of writers whom I greatly admire and respect. Being one of the first of the unwashed masses to clamber through those gates would be a nice way to end 2015.

Thanks for reading!

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