eBook Math and the 500 Pound Gorilla

I've uncovered a whole host of eBook distribution services - Lulu, Vook, BookTango, Pressbooks, and Ebookit. I'd advise checking out all of them if you have an interest in eBook distributors. I'm going to stick with last week's choices, Smashwords and BookBaby because they're my top two. I've also been poking around data that includes … Continue reading eBook Math and the 500 Pound Gorilla

Trials of the Ring Bearer

I've got this story hanging from a chain around my neck. There's a constant temptation to slip it on my finger and get wrapped up in the world I've created and forget about this arduous journey. Ignore the trials and tribulation of the "real". Find an easy way to victory. But lo, that is not … Continue reading Trials of the Ring Bearer

Up, Up and Away!

Marketing. The bane of most writers existence. Some of us are great at it. Most of us, however, spend our days hiding behind keyboards and imaginary characters. Pounding the pavement and knocking on doors sounds like a real job. Fictional work, no more. But if you have chosen the self publishing route, or even if … Continue reading Up, Up and Away!