Adventurous Readers Wanted

Okay...okay...I've finally come up for some air. And HOLEEE CRAP is this place a mess. Dust. Enough post-its to encircle the earth, and a whiteboard that looks like somebody tossed a loaded scrabble board at a spider's web. Of course I'm only up for a moment (yes, I'm aware they have pills for that) and then … Continue reading Adventurous Readers Wanted

Pilgrim of the Storm Limited Release

  Only in the indie world can you go from a week between the cover reveal and a release.  Sometimes this is a sign of poor planning or poor production values. Let me assure you, neither applies here. (Just look at that gorgeous cover! And Heather, my editor, wouldn't let me stuff that amazing spine … Continue reading Pilgrim of the Storm Limited Release

I Am Not Your Entertainment Committee

A time-honored classic. Like "Do you want me to turn this car around?" or "Wait until your father gets home!" One of those countless sayings you swore you'd never inflict on your own children, let alone your fans. Yep, this one's for you guys. All five of you in the cheap seats waiting to hear what … Continue reading I Am Not Your Entertainment Committee

Introducing Sidge

I've been pushing Crimson Son for so long, I'm getting nervous about one thing in particular: confusing my fans. Not that my fans are easily confused. If they read my fiction, they either enjoy puzzles and deep plots with a heavy dose of character development or...well...maybe they just like being confused. For over a year the battle … Continue reading Introducing Sidge

Wherein a Bug Makes a Bet and Wins Big

Bugs. I have this thing for bugs lately and I have no idea where it came from. I really enjoyed writing the scenes with the Black Beetle for Crimson Son. He's the Crimson Mask's arch-nemesis and is a bit obsessed with insects. Bugs are efficient. Orderly. They're often voted "Most Likely to Survive the Apocalypse" … Continue reading Wherein a Bug Makes a Bet and Wins Big

Famous Last Words from the Ass-End of the Universe

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. I think. It could be the place where the singularity collapses and I get playdoh-extruded out of the universe's sphincter. Not sure. I just gotta get there first. My publishing schedule for this year is nigh insanity. Empty Quiver is back from the editor and … Continue reading Famous Last Words from the Ass-End of the Universe

Dare to be Unmarketable

While trying to put together the new short story collection, juggling the article gig at GeekDad, reading through the first round of critique reviews for First Song, and doing my best to keep Crimson Son in the public eye, I've run across a few things on the web which I intended to blab about here … Continue reading Dare to be Unmarketable

Not Exactly Common

I wanted to vlog today but the weather happened. From sixty degrees to freezing in a matter of days, we've got an official snow day here in North Texas. Well, "inclement weather" day. Snow is uncommon. A thing of myth and legend. How might weather stop me from Vlogging you ask? There are people here. Like, … Continue reading Not Exactly Common

How NOT to Distribute Your Work

This one is for my fellow writers and self-pubbers. I thought it would be a good idea to write a series of "lessons learned" now that Crimson Son is out, on the shelves, and seeing some sales. This first post is all about book distribution. Distribution is another one of those reasons to get your … Continue reading How NOT to Distribute Your Work