Move over Nostradamus here comes Nostradaruss

Damn that was bad. Anyway, I was recently asked to write a short story for a science fiction anthology. It had some pretty particular guidelines which focused on near future, near earth events. As part of the project, I started with a timeline - of things which have yet to happen. So I simply gazed into … Continue reading Move over Nostradamus here comes Nostradaruss

Adventurous Readers Wanted

Okay...okay...I've finally come up for some air. And HOLEEE CRAP is this place a mess. Dust. Enough post-its to encircle the earth, and a whiteboard that looks like somebody tossed a loaded scrabble board at a spider's web. Of course I'm only up for a moment (yes, I'm aware they have pills for that) and then … Continue reading Adventurous Readers Wanted

The ‘Cane Train and Other Stories

Ooops. Behind on my posting this week. I'm trying to put the finishing touches on my collection of short stories set in the Crimson Son universe. So far, everything is on schedule for June. It will be a digital only release with a possibility for paper in the future. The collection is an interesting mix of … Continue reading The ‘Cane Train and Other Stories

Coming to a Toilet Near You…

As my last post noted, I may have failed miserably at my goals for the year in an epic, super-heated, transmuted-to-plasma-crash-and-burn sorta way, but I have proven one thing this year: I can write shitty fiction. Errr, well, this guy named Dirk Masters can. HE wrote this really terrible story and sent it into a … Continue reading Coming to a Toilet Near You…

Three, the Magic Number

Third time's a charm. That's what everyone says. It probably has its roots in a pagan, numerological thing which means it's both bullshit and also true on some odd, universal level. Sometimes, I make similar, seemingly profound statements and then go on to completely ignore them. (Well, maybe often.)  I compared short fiction and novels … Continue reading Three, the Magic Number

Acceptances and Beyond

by Tom Howard There’s nothing more exciting than digging through form letter rejects and finding one that says, “We love your story and would like to publish it.  Contract forthcoming.”  Some assign you an editor right away, some don’t touch the story after they’ve bought it.  There are probably as many different types of acceptances … Continue reading Acceptances and Beyond