Sitrep – It’s a SNAFU!

My big writing update this week? Another short story accepted!

I’ve been so excited about this one I’ve already teased it on social media and dropped hints here on my blog. I received the contract from the publisher a few months ago but wanted to wait until the official announcement before doing the public happy dance.

I’m thrilled to be working with the folks at Cohesion Press. They’ve got some excellent talent lined up and a solid track record with their Military Science Fiction anthologies. These carefully curated stories have even attracted the attention of Hollywood, on the big and small screen with Director, Tim Miller of Deadpool fame endorsing their line. Plus, three of their tales having been selected as material for Netflix’s Love, Death, and Robots.

I didn’t go into the submission process knowing any of this. I saw a call for stories themed around Holy Wars and couldn’t resist.

Religion fascinates me. I can’t say I’m a religious person, though I find spirituality in nature and in the shared human experience. Fun fact though – I practically majored in religion at the University of Oklahoma.

As a philosophy student, I stumbled into a series of classes given by one of the university’s most dynamic and interesting professors, Tom Boyd. Metaphysics and big concepts being my jam (yes, I just said that…), I found religion to be an interesting intersection between everyday lives and all the heady philosophy. And Professor Boyd’s lectures made the subject fascinating.

(Plus, his tests were all essay, all the time with a few papers scattered throughout. Irresistible! I mean, I’m a writer and all…)

It’s a tricky topic to fictionalize though. People are rightfully protective of their religious beliefs. And while human history offers a fertile ground for the topic, I decided to avoid the controversy and focus on a speculative future.

There’s still a ways to go before publication of my story. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I went with a near-future tale and a religion you’ve absolutely never heard of, but when you do discover it, you just might know the end is truly nigh…

I’ll be back with more stories soon. Meanwhile, check out Cohesion Press’ books if you need a good read.

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