Check Out My New Geeky Gig!

cropped-logo-geekdadWhile it’s been a quiet week here at the blog, I’ve been scheming behind the scenes. The great folks over at GeekDad broke down and decided to give me a gig. Go check out my first post, Tomb of Horrors: Hangover Edition, and be sure to add the site to your list of daily doses of unadulterated geekery.

I’ve also been cranking out short stories for my as of yet unnamed Crimson Son universe anthology due out in June. I think one more solid tale and I’ll be ready to torture my editor with the results. I plan to do a bit more on my own this time on the formatting end, so we’ll see how all that goes.

What this new gig means for the blog is I’ll keep aiming for a post twice a week and my Geekery articles will end up split between here and GeekDad. I plan to focus on gaming, but their broader platform includes all aspects of geekness, parenting and even geek parenting (a hobby of mine).

I’ll keep this short today so you can head over and check out the article, and share it, and leave comments, and bookmark, and all that cool stuff that you know I’d do for you ’cause I’m such an awesome guy. (Oh, and yes, I created the epic header image…)

SEO ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Keyword “Geek” density at neutron star levels…

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  1. I’m quite interested in geek parenting. Does this mean, as I assume, raising our children properly, as geeks?

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