Putting Your Dreams In Storage…

Books aren't all that great for a mobile lifestyle. They're heavy. Awkward to store. And those glorious displays of leather, or matte and glossy spines on open shelves would never survive the four point magnitude earthquake of going from place to place. You could fill your cupboards with them (if properly secured). But why bother … Continue reading Putting Your Dreams In Storage…


Last month I posted about getting hits to my website from search terms related to an old DnD campaign. Back in the day, I had an entire campaign website (I still park the domain eyrurpg.com) and even maintained a mailing list. They were a quiet, non-rabid fandom and when I finally pulled the plug on the … Continue reading FEAR MY LUKE-WARM STARDOM

Check Out My New Geeky Gig!

While it's been a quiet week here at the blog, I've been scheming behind the scenes. The great folks over at GeekDad broke down and decided to give me a gig. Go check out my first post, Tomb of Horrors: Hangover Edition, and be sure to add the site to your list of daily doses of unadulterated geekery. … Continue reading Check Out My New Geeky Gig!

Wookies and Vibrators

Another weekend, another game night. A friend of mine enjoys hosting board game extravaganzas. He'll invite everyone he knows to a board game night in hopes of playing DJ at some kind of Mountain Dew fueled rave where everyone's slinging card-stock and polyhedrals until the wee hours. At times, he's drawn crowds big enough he … Continue reading Wookies and Vibrators

Advanced Table Top Plots

I recently started experimenting with Wattpad - mainly just posting my Free Fiction Friday there cuz, well, why not? It's FREE! It's been a fun experience and I've been able to chat a bit with readers and writers and have gotten some kind feedback on my stories so far. Anyway, now that the floodgates have … Continue reading Advanced Table Top Plots

Dungeons and Dragons Family Reunion

Okay everyone, squeeze in. Yes, Mikey, I'm aware Great Grandpa Gary is wrinkly and smells like cheese, but you have to be in the picture. What's that, Grandma Ada? Something in your eye? Okay, I can wait. Oh, c'mon, not the botched spine surgery story again, Uncle Cook! Can't you just stand for one second. Mikey, … Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons Family Reunion

Of Dopplegangers and Roleplay

Lots of geekery as of late. Last weekend it was the renn faire. There, I saw a landing party that was either really far off course or had slingshot around the sun and travelled back in time. Either way, interesting to see some trekkies wandering the streets of Scarborough. One of these days, I'll break … Continue reading Of Dopplegangers and Roleplay