I can sorta draw, too...

I can sorta draw, too…

A super short post today, hopefully I get another one online tomorrow. However, I wanted to leave this message:


A little explanation is in order.

I get all kinds of info on my traffic stats. One of the really cool ones is a list of search terms which people used to land on my page. My favorites are: “dildos and vibrators” (I can explain that one) along with “Fat kids men nipple play” (I can’t…really…)

But recently this one popped up and I had a little nerdgasm: “where is russell linton who made eyru rpg”

Back around 2000, I started a DnD campaign that ultimately ran for the better part of a decade. I poured hours and hours into world development, map making and even custom rules for the then open license Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 (and later 3,5). At one point, I decided I might as well put all that stuff out on the net. For free.

I setup a website which was originally intended for use by my group. Eventually I opened it to the public and even grew a fairly decent sized mailing list. Using my l33t publishing skills, I threw together a PDF and tossed that out in the wild too.

After the campaign ended, I tried to keep the site going and failed. I’d burned out on DnD (after, oh, three decades give or take) so I started using the website as a place to experiment with a new ruleset. It never went anywhere and about seven years ago, I took the site offline.

Then, maybe a decade after the heyday of my experiment, this site gets that little hit from Google.

Naturally, I went out to ego surf and low and behold PEOPLE OUT THERE SAVED THAT STUFF! EyruRPG is still alive and kicking. I don’t know if anyone uses the source document, but someone curated it on Scribd. People even talk about it on message boards and add it to lists of celtic campaign settings. ITS A THING. Nothing big. Nothing mind blowing,  but it wasn’t simply lost in the digital tide.

Damn. Who’d a thunk? So, to whoever was searching – I’m here. Alive. Mostly well, except for the sanity thing but that’s a given with writers. Thanks for remembering!

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  1. Wow. That might be the first positive anecdote I’ve read about DM’s who’ve had their past hard works come back from the aether. Well done.

    • Well, they might’ve been wanting to axe murder me, who knows? I’m still not sure who ran the search though I have my suspicions as there were some contributors to the website outside of my normal play group. It was OGL content, so I’m glad to see it out there whether it sees any use or not. I’ve never heard of anyone’s old DnD campaigns coming back to haunt them though, but I’m also happy to not add to those sorts of stories. Thanks for dropping by!

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