Release Schedule for 2015

Today, I’ve been re-evaluating my overall strategies for getting fiction into your face. You might notice a few minor changes here and there and there may be some major changes in the works for my site, so stay tuned. For now, here’s a schedule for the rest of the year and a note about FREE stuff!

Fictional Work Publishing Schedule for 2015

April 15th: The Immerse or Die Story Bundle hits the digital shelves. Check back for more details or sign up for the mailing list so you don’t miss out! Eight amazing indie books, including Crimson Son, and YOU NAME THE PRICE for the whole bundle!

June 2nd: Empty Quiver: Superhero Tales from the Crimson Son Universe

Empty Quiver (n.) – A U.S. Military reporting term to identify and report the seizure, theft, or loss of a nuclear weapon.

This will be a novella (about 30,000 words for you author types who are interested in such things). There are five powerful short stories, each detailing pivotal moments in the life of several known and unknown Augments from the Crimson Son pantheon:  Fat Man, Hurricane, Aurora, Danger, Ember.

Behind these stories is the evolution of the Augment program, from military weapons meant to overwhelm a persistent enemy to a covert force deployed to expand U.S. power, they trace the history right up to the events of Crimson Son. Did the government lose control of a dangerous program or was control only ever an illusion?

Sign up for the new release email list and you’ll receive a FREE advance reader copy of Empty Quiver in ePub or Mobi format!

December 1st: First Song, Book One and Two

I know, ambitious. I’m going to try my hardest to get these books out to you guys at the same time and before the end of the year. Book one ends on a cliffhanger and I don’t see any reason to make people wear down their nails for weeks on end before they find out what happens.

First Song is off-center fantasy like Crimson Son was off-center superhero fiction. Spencer’s voice is absent – the protagonist in First Song has neither snark nor angst. For Sidge, life is good. He’s an Ek’Kiru, a bugman, raised by human monks in an isolated temple on the edge of an eternal storm. The only one of his kind there, he sees the humans as his brothers and the temple as his life.

He can recite the twelve thousand verses of the Forge with perfect accuracy and enjoys even the most menial task given to the acolytes. Diligent, careful, and respectful, his favorite things are to sweep, sew, and organize his chaotic Master’s shelves. Life requires order and the Temple provides that and more for Sidge. He wants nothing but to make his Master proud and ascend to the rank of Cloud Born.

Before he can do that, he must learn to channel Vasheru’s power. Learn to focus and meditate despite the world constantly twitching along his sensitive antennae or fluttering in his nearly 360 degree vision – nearly 360, for he does have a blind spot and he never saw her coming.

He must also complete a pilgrimage to stand at the edge of an ancient enemy’s domain. There, he will decide where the Truth lies and what his place in a timeless age will be.

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