Ooops, I published.

So this managed to completely escape my attention: in mid-June I had a new story hit the shelves in the SkyWarrior Press anthology, Zombified: Hazardous Material. I’ve mentioned it before, but there had been some confusion on the publisher’s end as to when it might actually be available. That date ended up being last month and I don’t believe I ever added a proper link.

If you like zom com, this is the title for you. Hell, if you just need a laugh, this is for you. I haven’t had a chance to read all the stories, but hopefully mine is worth the price of admission.

An Apocalypse of Zombies: Robert the zombie is having a terrible time getting to the brains before his comrades slurp them all up and the rabid chihuahua clinging to his ankle isn’t helping. Driven by an epicurean zeal, he manages to find a way to get ahead of the horde but the consequences of his quest for yummy brains just might put the whole apocalypse thing in jeopardy.


And, yes, I’ve gone quiet on the social media front. I’ve been experimenting with this whole author career thing behind the scenes, trying to figure how best to get my books into your faces. I’ve also been sorting out what exactly I’m writing and doing my best to build up a solid inventory of kick ass fiction for everyone to peruse.

Hang in there. I’ve got one book to the editor and at least two more on the way. If I can get my process better refined and really dial-in my schedule, only spending those precious seconds on stuff that actually matters, I hope to go from a book every year to two every year. Maybe more.

Be on the lookout for changes here at the site as well. I need a makeover and a better way to display my new and improved universe of things. Lots of changes on the horizon and I hope you’ll stick around to see where I’m headed!

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