It's official - the Pilgrim of the Storm eBook is now available at all major stores and the paperback is up on the 'Zon and Createspace. And keep reading 'cause I've got one more surprise for you... Thanks goes out to everyone that has helped get this book into shape. My wonderful editor, Heather Bungard-Janney (buckle up … Continue reading The Storm UNLEASHED

Ooops, I published.

So this managed to completely escape my attention: in mid-June I had a new story hit the shelves in the SkyWarrior Press anthology, Zombified: Hazardous Material. I've mentioned it before, but there had been some confusion on the publisher's end as to when it might actually be available. That date ended up being last month … Continue reading Ooops, I published.

Release Schedule for 2015

Today, I've been re-evaluating my overall strategies for getting fiction into your face. You might notice a few minor changes here and there and there may be some major changes in the works for my site, so stay tuned. For now, here's a schedule for the rest of the year and a note about FREE … Continue reading Release Schedule for 2015

Of Superheroes, Zombies, and Bugmen

News, news, and more news! Yesterday I finished polishing up the Crimson Son anthology for my editor to again polish and make all shiny. I know, I already told you that - even gave you a sneak peek. I'm excited to get those stories out to you guys and I had a lot of fun … Continue reading Of Superheroes, Zombies, and Bugmen

Keeping My Towel for the Blood, Sweat and Tears

Normally people use New Year's blog posts to talk about the past. Top ten lists take over the web (more than normal). The best and worst of a year gone by. I'm going to touch on that, but only to lead into where things are going. 2014 was a mixed bag but I'm mostly excited … Continue reading Keeping My Towel for the Blood, Sweat and Tears

Naked Bigfoot and Future Projects Take 2

For some reason a draft of my post this week was published and the original was gobbled up by some hungry net troll as it tried to traverse its router. Or, more likely, it was me, in a hurry and being all clicky on stuff I shouldn't click. Who knows? Here's take two. The manuscript … Continue reading Naked Bigfoot and Future Projects Take 2

In the Works…

Well, I shopped around a story about a zombie until I had collected enough rejections to wallpaper my office. Okay, not nearly that many, but quite a few. Most were positive and of the rare "personal rejection" variety. For those not familiar with the concept, a "personal" rejection is when an editor takes the time … Continue reading In the Works…

Mental Ward: Stories from the Asylum

My latest short is included in this dark and disturbing anthology from Siren's Call Publications! Here's the back cover blurb and links for ordering: Sanatorium, mental ward, psychiatric hospital - they’re all the same. Places where the infirm, the crazy, and the certifiable go for treatment... Or what passes for ‘treatment’. This is a collection … Continue reading Mental Ward: Stories from the Asylum

Prophecy of Numbers

I wrote the short story "Prophecy of Numbers" earlier this year and was pretty sure most editors would pass on it. It's bizarre, more than a little bit deranged, and not to mention, it floats around on an anchor of religion and politics cast out into a sea of blood. It's the kind of thing people don't … Continue reading Prophecy of Numbers