3…2…1… Download! Empty Quiver for FREE on Amazon

Voting is closed over at the Books Go Social 2015 reader nominations. Thanks to everyone that voted for Crimson Son! I’ll keep you posted as to who the lucky winner is. Win or not, I’m just happy somebody out there thought Crimson Son was worthy of the nomination.

Right now, and I mean THIS VERY MOMENT, I’m trying to make some more noise with another release, Empty Quiver. For today and tomorrow, Empty Quiver can be downloaded on the Kindle for the price of $0.00!

Yep – Zero dollars, Zero cents.

And we’re off to a hell of a start – number 3 on the Kindle Short Reads List and we’re only halfway through the first day!


Empty Quiver provides a backstory for the events of Crimson Son and can be read as either a primer to the novel or a standalone. No spoilers. No familiarity with the universe necessary. You will see a few familiar faces in the mix plus you’ll be introduced to Augments who just might show up in book two.

Wait? What’s this?

Yep, I said it. Officially. And not in some late night, sleep-deprived Tweet. I’ve got plans for a Crimson Son sequel in 2016.

Spencer will be back. More stories about a kid whose only power is an ability to make whatever you are drinking come out of your nose. Honestly, I hadn’t planned on a second book but he and and Eric WON’T SHUT UP.

Pretty soon* you’ll have to listen to them.

I’ve still got to wrap up my fantasy series (working title, First Song – more on that in the coming weeks). I’m putting the final polish on book one for that series and will be ripping into book two by the end of the week to try and have both out by Christmas. That makes the goal for 2016 to publish the final installment of that series and Crimson Son 2. (No title for that one yet, only an outline and some seriously twisted, exciting, uncanny ideas.)

Until then, get your copy of some Empty Quiver goodness. EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT!**

*This is not a Winter is coming situation…If Winter doesn’t show up on time, I’ll send Crimson Mask to the other side of the wall to drag its ass here.

**I literally started this post, grabbed a screenshot at #135 on the Kindle Short Reads list, finished the post and checked again to find it at #3.

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