Could You Survive Gracewood High?

One of my critique partners has just released his debut graphic novel, Kill the Freshman. Alex Langley is the author of a killer series of guides to geekery (The Geek Handbook, Geek Lust, and The Geek Handbook 2.0) and now he’s broken out his adamantium pencil sharpener to bring you a tale of high school survival. Like real survival. Like Bear Grylls would piss his pants and flee sort of survival (though he might bottle it for later use.)

From the blurb:

In junior high Vi may have been a nerdy outcast, but now that she’s a freshman, she’s going to get popular or die trying. Literally. At the Gracewood Academy of Queens and Patriarchs, ancient magical mumbo-jumbo gives superhuman powers to students willing to take the ID cards (and lives) of their classmates. Underclassmen are the unwilling prey in this jungle, only safe from each other, and in certain parts of the school. When Vi nearly dies courtesy of some sophomores, her motor mouth lands her a friendship with Allison Meadows, Gracewood’s apex senior, and into a student election that’s like The Hunger Games with gossip. Everyone is a target during the election— the weirdos in journalism (who Vi secretly kinda likes), Allison (who Vi secretly kinda fears), and even Vi herself (who Vi secretly kinda loathes). To save her newfound friends, this fast-talking freshman will risk everything she cares about most: being popular, being herself, and being alive (in that order).

You didn’t actually finish the blurb before you surfed on over to ‘Zon and bought it, right? ‘Cause if you’re reading this, you’re still here. You shouldn’t be HERE. You should be there.

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