Wake of Alshasra’a has launched!

Now available at Amazon and all other major retailers! We're up and running with the Wake of Alshasra'a launch and I wanted to share some of the wonderful reviews that have shown up on the web or landed in my inbox (please, feel free to share these far and wide!) This author has sketched out … Continue reading Wake of Alshasra’a has launched!

Could You Survive Gracewood High?

One of my critique partners has just released his debut graphic novel, Kill the Freshman. Alex Langley is the author of a killer series of guides to geekery (The Geek Handbook, Geek Lust, and The Geek Handbook 2.0) and now he's broken out his adamantium pencil sharpener to bring you a tale of high school … Continue reading Could You Survive Gracewood High?