Some Demented Guy Keeps Posting My Life Story

Hey. Spencer here. I've been online ever since I could remember. Hell, Mom posted sonogram photos on Facebook before Dad made her take them down. Down from her fake account about our fake life. Like he was worried somebody would notice a resemblance between fetus me and his masked, muscled self. Then I was born. … Continue reading Some Demented Guy Keeps Posting My Life Story

Join a different kind of Pilgrim this Thanksgiving

This weekend, Pilgrim of the Storm, book one in my Stormblade Saga, is FREE on Amazon! Starting Saturday the 26th, you can download Pilgrim straight from Amazon to your Kindle at no cost! (My reader's list members have already received their copies, *ahem*) Embark on an epic journey of self discovery and enlightenment across mythic landscapes as Acolyte … Continue reading Join a different kind of Pilgrim this Thanksgiving

Forge of the Jadugar Paperback Now Available!

I've finally finished touching up the Forge of the Jadugar paperback! You may have to wait a little while for Forge to wind its way through to your distribution channel of choice but it is currently available here. I've said it before - I don't sell nearly as many of these as my eBooks. Often, I … Continue reading Forge of the Jadugar Paperback Now Available!

Pilgrim of the Storm – Cover Reveal

I have plans. Machinations. Mischief. I aim to misbehave. A little. As you can see, the next book is almost here. I pushed up my production deadline to test out a limited release and exercise some marketing mojo. The big release - with paperbacks and a spot on Amazon's shelves will happen early next year when … Continue reading Pilgrim of the Storm – Cover Reveal

Dare to be Unmarketable

While trying to put together the new short story collection, juggling the article gig at GeekDad, reading through the first round of critique reviews for First Song, and doing my best to keep Crimson Son in the public eye, I've run across a few things on the web which I intended to blab about here … Continue reading Dare to be Unmarketable

Russ Vlogs: Kindle Life Hacks

Well, I kept threatening to do this and here it is. A vlog post. Thanks also to everyone that stopped by to check out my response to the elementary school battling the servants of Sauron. So far, no word from the school and I've been keeping an eye on the news to hear about the … Continue reading Russ Vlogs: Kindle Life Hacks

Oooh! Shiny! Synchronizers!

I'm continuing along my brave quest into recently discovered indie frontiers. I'm shamelessly following a path blazed by the Immerse or Die report over at Creativity Hacker. That path is littered with the husks of cast off self-pub works which strike the ground every eight minutes or so. Of about 150 books, only 17 have survived … Continue reading Oooh! Shiny! Synchronizers!

New Year’s Demotivational Sale

Okay people, time for resolutions and hard work. Time to promise our partly buzzed New Year's selves that we'll live better. Longer. Healthier. And somewhere along the way develop six-pack abs. Let's get real. None of us will do those things. Our treadmills will continue to serve as a convenient place to stub toes during midnight snack … Continue reading New Year’s Demotivational Sale

Uncanny Sale – Crimson Son eBook for .99!

As all good mutations do, the Uncanny Blog Tour has morphed. Produced a new strain. Found its FINAL FORM. Now announcing the AMAZING. The ASTONISHING. The STUPENDOUS. The UNCANNY Sale. For a limited time, the Crimson Son eBook will be available for .99 cents. Yep. You heard right. Less than a buck. I can't cram … Continue reading Uncanny Sale – Crimson Son eBook for .99!