Eyes of the Bugman

I would have written my own lyrics but “Compound eyes of the bugman” doesn’t have quite the same ring. Oh, and Mr. Peterik, neither myself nor Sidge is a fan of Kim Davis and the Huckster either…just in case I’m overstepping some bounds here…

Man, Jefferson Smith over at Creativity Hacker runs a tight ship. You walk in that ring jaw set, sphincter clinched, hoping you don’t look like Rhonda Rousey by the end of it all. So far this year, I’m counting 20 survivors of his Immerse or Die treadmill. (That’s out of 204 books read. See the stats here.)

By the skin of my teeth, I’ve got two books in that esteemed listing for this year and three posted overall.

Look, I can’t say I know how that happened. (Mysteries of the Jadugar perhaps.) And it isn’t just Jefferson but his fellow IoDer, Dave Higgins, who seems to think I’m passing the muster.

Pilgrim of the Storm had me worried. I start in the perspective of a bug-humanoid. How much of an immersion-breaking threat is that?  Hi, welcome to my book, don’t mind the antennae and the extra limbs, or the near 360 degree field of view that has plagued my efforts to stay in a tight PoV. Or the lack of lips for a simple smile or frown, or the hardened, largely inexpressive face dominated by those unblinking, enormous eyes.

I had to teach people how to read Sidge all while telling a story about him. The fact that it seems to have worked is no small miracle.

If you’ve read it, I’d love to get your reactions so far. Whether here in the comments, over at Goodreads, or at the retailer where you bought your copy.

For now, I’ll just put this three-peat, hat trick, snazzy, jazzy trophy right about here…


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