immerse or die


It’s official – the Pilgrim of the Storm eBook is now available at all major stores and the paperback is up on the ‘Zon and Createspace. And keep reading ’cause I’ve got one more surprise for you… Thanks goes out to everyone… Read More ›

Eyes of the Bugman

Man, Jefferson Smith over at Creativity Hacker runs a tight ship. You walk in that ring jaw set, sphincter clinched, hoping you don’t look like Rhonda Rousey by the end of it all…

Bundle of Badassery

Hang on, breaking out the ShamWow voice… “Savvy” readers check for a book’s publisher and if they don’t see a big house, they turn up their nose. Indie books are the new vanity press. If those authors could write, they’d have an… Read More ›

Oooh! Shiny! Synchronizers!

I’m continuing along my brave quest into recently discovered indie frontiers. I’m shamelessly following a path blazed by the Immerse or Die report over at Creativity Hacker. That path is littered with the husks of cast off self-pub works which strike… Read More ›