It's official - the Pilgrim of the Storm eBook is now available at all major stores and the paperback is up on the 'Zon and Createspace. And keep reading 'cause I've got one more surprise for you... Thanks goes out to everyone that has helped get this book into shape. My wonderful editor, Heather Bungard-Janney (buckle up … Continue reading The Storm UNLEASHED

Name Your Price for the Sinful Seven

Yeah, I can count - that's 9 in the pic. Read on for details! They're battered, bruised. Survivors of a hellish ordeal. An ordeal involving a treadmill and a ruthless taskmaster. What? No, this isn't your typical day at the gym. This is the Immerse or Die (IoD) challenge, an indie gold standard like no other. Each one of these books … Continue reading Name Your Price for the Sinful Seven

Wherein a Bug Makes a Bet and Wins Big

Bugs. I have this thing for bugs lately and I have no idea where it came from. I really enjoyed writing the scenes with the Black Beetle for Crimson Son. He's the Crimson Mask's arch-nemesis and is a bit obsessed with insects. Bugs are efficient. Orderly. They're often voted "Most Likely to Survive the Apocalypse" … Continue reading Wherein a Bug Makes a Bet and Wins Big

Name Your Price for Award Winning Books? How About FREE!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR FREE BOOKS Details below: Let me cut to the chase. Above is the cover reveal for my upcoming anthology, Empty Quiver: Tales from the Crimson Son Universe. More Augments, more top secret history, and most importantly: more Hurricane. Below is a collection of fiction so badass it survived the Immerse or Die … Continue reading Name Your Price for Award Winning Books? How About FREE!

How to Sell 9,000 Books over the Weekend

Edit: Eat your heart out, Vegeta. Step One: Write an awesome book. This may sound like a given, but it's a very difficult thing to do. It takes blood, sweat, tears. Maybe a bit of plasma, depending on your financial situation. Step Two: Amplify your voice. Connect with readers. Connect with authors. Let their awesomeness rub off on … Continue reading How to Sell 9,000 Books over the Weekend

Bundle of Badassery

Hang on, breaking out the ShamWow voice... "Savvy" readers check for a book's publisher and if they don't see a big house, they turn up their nose. Indie books are the new vanity press. If those authors could write, they'd have an agent and a New York address. Everyone and their dog is a writer now, but … Continue reading Bundle of Badassery

Of Superheroes, Zombies, and Bugmen

News, news, and more news! Yesterday I finished polishing up the Crimson Son anthology for my editor to again polish and make all shiny. I know, I already told you that - even gave you a sneak peek. I'm excited to get those stories out to you guys and I had a lot of fun … Continue reading Of Superheroes, Zombies, and Bugmen

Killer Fiction from the Indieverse – IoD Story Bundle

Last Friday I spammed out a quick announcement about a really exciting promotion. One I've been itching to tell you guys about for a while now. Like a crawled-through-a-pile-of-insulation sorta itch. Today I'd like to give you more details to whet your appetite. I know I've mentioned Jefferson Smith's killer website, Immerse or Die before. "Killer" … Continue reading Killer Fiction from the Indieverse – IoD Story Bundle

Oooh! Shiny! Synchronizers!

I'm continuing along my brave quest into recently discovered indie frontiers. I'm shamelessly following a path blazed by the Immerse or Die report over at Creativity Hacker. That path is littered with the husks of cast off self-pub works which strike the ground every eight minutes or so. Of about 150 books, only 17 have survived … Continue reading Oooh! Shiny! Synchronizers!