It’s official – the Pilgrim of the Storm eBook is now available at all major stores and the paperback is up on the ‘Zon and Createspace. And keep reading ’cause I’ve got one more surprise for you…

Thanks goes out to everyone that has helped get this book into shape. My wonderful editor, Heather Bungard-Janney (buckle up – more books coming to a Dropbox near you!), the talented Jeff Brown for some spectacular cover art (I can’t WAIT to show you guys the cover for book two!), and my impressive line up of critique partners and beta-readers.

Like all of my work, Pilgrim of the Storm is fantasy and it ain’t. There’s always a touch of the subversive in what I write – a superhero story about a boy with no powers who just wants to have a normal life; a fantasy story about a bugman others might label as a monster, who isn’t the chosen one, can’t do a damn bit of magic, but wants desperately to be accepted by his adoptive society.

If you’ve read Pilgrim, I hope you liked it. (Betas and mailing list members were sent a pre-release copy for FREE!) If so, please leave an honest review with your favorite retailer or book geek-out venue (or everywhere you can think of…that works as well). Reviews have become part of the engine that makes books go not only as recommendations but also as litmus tests for advertisers, and to get those sales algorithms churning away.

All_These_Shiny_WorldsAnd if you did like it, you’ll love this – an excerpt from book two, The Jadugar’s Forge, appears in a new anthology which just hit the shelves today! That’s right, this is double release day and the book, All These Shiny Worlds, is absolutely, positively free. Available on Kindle, Kobo, Apple, and Nook

All These Shiny Worlds is the result of a culling process which would make the Hunger Games look like a buffet. The best of the best from the Immerse or Die review site have banded together to create a collection of fantasy and science fiction which is garaunteed to impress.

My story, The Spider and the Darkness, is a tale about Kaaliya, Sidge’s crush from Pilgrim. Kaaliya was born in the Pit, a massive sinkhole that houses a city of lost souls carved into the cliffs and populated by the outcasts of society. Perched above the endless depths of the Pit they scrape together a living in the shadow of an abandoned temple, avoiding the taboo spaces of ancient priests and smothering dark. But Kaaliya braves the darkness, determined to either find out what is there or escape her tragic life for good.

The story is an excerpt from The Jadugar’s Forge where Kaaliya finds herself steeped in intrigue. Sidge continues his pilgrimage toward the desert’s edge and in Stronghold with Kaaliya, events both historical and political begin to unfold which affect not only the Temple’s future but that of humanity. Expect to see book two hit the shelves late spring / early summer. Speaking of which, I need to get back to the keyboard grind…

Thanks again for reading!

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