My Subversive Un-Release

So…June is still spring, right?

Here in Texas, spring started in January this year. Surely somewhere, spring starts in June.

Why is this important you might ask?

At the end of last year I had a limited release of Pilgrim of the Storm and in the back of the ebook I encouraged readers to join Sidge on his pilgrimage and sign up to be notified for the release of book two, Forge of the Jadugar slated for spring of 2016.

That’s why this is my un-release: spring and Forge isn’t quite done YET. By Texas time, we’re probably looking at summer (which started in February anyway).

This little story about a bugman priest has grown into a layered, complex tale which has me doing the unthinkable…outlining. Combine that with my conspiracy theorist-esque whiteboard and you’d think somebody was writing here.

I hope my readers spot me a few weeks. And actually, Pilgrim hasn’t had all that many readers yet. Another part of my plan has been to wait on any broad-scale advertising until the next book is on the shelf.

Even though I’m behind, I’m meeting some important goals. I’ve managed to release a book a year since 2014 and hope to release one more before the end of 2016. Writing is about craft, definitely and I don’t want to rush things. But as a career, writing is equally about process. You absolutely have to find the right way to produce the right amount of material to keep feeding your (hopefully) hungry fans.

I’ve also been learning more about exactly what it is I write. If you’re a regular at this irregular posting stop, you’ll know I’m always updating my mission statement, my goals as to the kind of stories I provide my readers. Or maybe it’s better to say the kind of stories that inhabit me.

It’s equal parts self discovery and fine tuning. No artist sets foot on the stage fully formed. Their journey continues to inform who they are as their careers develop, expand, and even end and begin again.

One thing I’ve been consistent about but never really acknowledged is that my writing nearly always has a subversive quality. Ambitious zombies that unwittingly end their own apocalypse. Ancient nosferatu who find themselves buying body glitter so they can “fit in.” Serial killers trumped by the very victims they stalk. Superheroes who aren’t really heroes at all. Fantasy books which feature characters a touch closer to the realms of science fiction and themes of realism dirtying their idealistic landscapes.

This subversion extends to plot, tropes – not that I don’t use common elements you’ve seen before, but there’s often this strange twist. An unexpected development. I know this probably pisses some readers off but I don’t think I’ll be able to ever remove that from my writing.

I’m the guy that takes the back roads. I look for trails either new, or old and forgotten. Exploration is how I approach life, my career, hell even my computer gaming. On the Bartle Test I’m solidly in the “explorer” quadrant. My writing is no different.

I’ll need to figure out a way to express that in my author profile and even the book descriptions, though just acknowledging that aspect of my writing seems to be contrary to the intent. All that skulking in the shadows gone to waste.

Well, while I mull over that insight, here’s the latest update:

Forge of the Jadugar – Final revisions before the editor marks it up.

Crimson Son 2 – 18,000 words (stalled out while I focus on polishing Forge.)

Sidge Book 3 (Yep, not even a working title) – 32,000 words of a first draft and a *gasp* OUTLINE

Oh, and yeah – that header graphic is a little taste of Forge’s cover… Hope to have that revealed before May.

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  1. You are not a robot, and so your process and your timeline evolve. Think of this as growth. 😉 I look forward to future releases when they come out!

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