Forge of the Jadugar Now Available!


Continue the pilgrimage with Sidge!

Sidge journeys into realms last explored by mortals during the age of the first Attarah. There he uncovers the darkest secret yet about his adoptive homeland and in the marshes of Sli’mir’s Realm, his true nature stirs. Now a Cloud Born, can he find the will to lead the Stormblade Temple to the proper path or will the marsh overwhelm him? Meanwhile, Kaaliya navigates court intrigue in Stronghold to embark on her own adventure into the endless sea. She’d thought her quest to climb the legendary Pamanites to be one of discovery but soon realizes her answers may lie in confronting the past she’s left behind.

Haven’t read the first book? No problem, head on over to my Pilgrim of the Storm page for the blurb and purchase links.

Down to the wire. Another day or two and I would have missed my June target. (The eBook version will be up in all stores soon and the print version will be coming in July.) Two years ago if you would have told me I’d have published three novels and a short anthology of my own work by now, I’d have said you were nuts.

Don’t worry, you aren’t the ones who are certifiable.

While Sidge wanders the pilgrim’s path and Kaaliya heads for anywhere but home, I’ve been on my own amazing journey as a writer. Sacrifices have been made to make this happen. Not of the blood… No, our altars today don’t accept freshly slaughtered goats meant to influence the gods. They accept an entirely different kind of influence. (Usually green with a dead man from a mountain somewhere on the face.)

Artists very often struggle with how to do the thing they love and still eat. Still sleep under a roof or blanket and not the cold, unappreciative eye of the night. In the digital world, this has become both more and less of a challenge. Floodgates have opened for both the creators and the means to connect to the audiences they create for. Most will still drown.

But I’m more fortunate than most. I jumped in with a life preserver. She’s got her arms around me every step of the way. If not for her, this would not be possible.

Even so, I greatly appreciate every book purchased and every review written. While I’m not struggling to survive like many artists, I am trying my damndest to find a way to pay her back. And to let others out there know that this dream is possible.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy the latest release!

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