Forge of the Jadugar Paperback Now Available!

20160816_101109I’ve finally finished touching up the Forge of the Jadugar paperback! You may have to wait a little while for Forge to wind its way through to your distribution channel of choice but it is currently available here.

I’ve said it before – I don’t sell nearly as many of these as my eBooks. Often, I give them away even. However, there are some dead tree collectors out there who can’t abide the whole eReader experience, so I’m happy to oblige!

While I’m an eBook convert, I do still appreciate the traditional medium. Partly because it gives me a chance to dust off my design skills. With eBook formatting you are stuck working in plain ‘ol XML, and for good reason. Everything about an eBook’s “format” is designed to be tweaked to a reader’s satisfaction. Don’t like the font? Change it. Have the visual acuity of Mr. Magoo? Make the letters AS BIG as you need them to be. Reading at night and don’t want to illuminate the entire bedroom or turn on a light? Switch to a white on black text display and your S.O. can get some sleep.

Format – design – color – it’s all fluid in the digital world.

Given that level of customization and the fact you can horde thousands upon thousands of books without investing in a storage unit, I’m positive eBooks will continue to gain ground over their dead tree predecessors. But there is still something to be said for a well designed book which has to capture a reader’s attention and imagination without all the fancy tricks.



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